Start moving in the Karlovy Vary Region! Whether you are seeking wild downhill rides over mountainous terrain or easy routes without a vertical difference, you will find it here. The West Bohemian paths will satisfy all cyclists – and we have selected the most attractive cycling trails to inspire you. So, don’t hesitate and put your pedals to the proverbial metal.

The Cycling Path leading along the Ohře River

This route has a small vertical difference and a distance of 110 km, and even Sunday cyclists will manage it. It leads through four West Bohemia regions – the Karlovy Vary area, the Sokolov area, the Cheb area, and the Ostrov area. The route also connects to the Wallenstein Cycling Trail in Bavaria. It is labelled as Route No. 6 in the Czech Republic, beginning in Slapany, and continues through Cheb, Mostov, Sokolov, Loket, Karlovy Vary, Radošov, Stráž, and ending in Lužná u Pernštejna. The cycling path leads through the picturesque Ohře River valley, and beautiful views are guaranteed!

The Wallenstein Cycling Trail

This cycling trail with a length of almost 43 km connects Cheb with the German town of Marktredwitz. It is named after the famous military leader Albrecht of Wallenstein. The southern route begins in Cheb, and continues through Slapany all the way to Egerteich, and on through beautiful countryside to the monastery town of Waldsassen. From Waldsassen, the trail continues into Marktredwitz, where you can continue the other stretch of the cycling route leading back to Cheb – the route thus forms a circuit. Plus, the trail from Cheb to Waldsassen has a perfect surface that even in-line skaters will appreciate.

The Teplá – Bečov – Loket Cycling Path

How about a cycling trip laced with history? This route has an intermediate difficulty with a greater vertical difference. It has a distance of 36 km and connects the historical monuments of the Karlovy Vary Region. The route begins near the Teplá Monastery and continues through the town of Teplá in the direction of Otročín. Just before Otročín, you will see the turn-off to the Otročín Acidulous Water spring – be sure to turn and refresh yourselves. Continue to Brť, Měchov, Chodov, and Bečov nad Teplou, where you can visit the extensive complex of the castle and chateau. Beyond Bečov, you can expect a long ride uphill on Milešovský Hill, Háje, Krásno, and Horní Slavkov. Most of the monuments in Slavkov were destroyed, but to this day, the Church of St George, the Gothic belfry, and the Holy Trinity column were preserved. From Horní Slavkov, it is just 7 km to Loket Castle – the last stop on this cycling trip.

The Ore Mountain Cycling Route

A cycling route with a total length of 242 km winds through the pristine nature across the entire Ore Mountain Range. It begins in Cheb and continues through Františkovy Lázně, Kraslice, Boží Dar, Mikulovice, Nové Město, and Fojtovice, leading all the way to the North Bohemian Mt Sněžník near Děčín. Aside from the beautiful nature, the route also offers many interesting sites – stop by the Horní Blatná Water Ditch, and definitely stop by the Boží Dar Peat Bog Nature Reserve.

Trail Park Klínovec

At Klínovec, you can expect 24 km of downhill routes suitable for both beginner and experienced riders. There are three difficulty levels, terrain moguls at the pump track, skill centres at the boarding areas for beginners, and even 5 km of downhill stretches for the best cyclists. A four-seat chairlift will take you up, and in the proximity of the Trail Park, you will find a bicycle rental and service shop, as well as a store with cycling equipment. Free parking, a bicycle wash, and a shower are also available.