What would summer be without real experiences? Bicycles, excursions, swimming, everyone knows these things. Try to conceive your holiday a bit more untraditionally this year and attempt untried activities. We have several tips for original fun in the Karlovy Vary Region so that your children will not only have stories to tell when they return to school after  summer, but so that they will have wonderful memories.


Battles, fun, and adrenaline precisely expresses one of the most popular sports of today – paintball. You will find several locations in the Karlovy Vary Region where you can enjoy this action-packed fun as a group. Most paintball locations are found outdoors in nature, in the forests surrounding abandoned, yet preserved buildings and constructions. These locations are primarily suitable for military paintball. Perhaps try the Paintball Arena in Cheb, which aside from three outdoor fields also offers four indoor halls. Each field is created in a unique style, so no matter the number of visits, you will never be bored. You can expect trenches, wooden obstacles, natural obstacles, stairs, towers, buildings, a constructed town along with car wrecks, or a smaller speedball training field. Although the Paintball Arena in Cheb is one of the most popular paintball fields in the region, visiting Březová Paintball Grounds, Paintball Club Karlovy Vary, or Paintball PRO Cheb is also well worth it.


If you wish to combine your excursions with adventure, then geocaching is exactly what you are looking for. What is it? This is an adventurous game, where with the aid of GPS you search for so-called caches (simply hiding spots). These hiding spots are found all around us, and you can find a list on the website www.geocaching.cz. This is basically a treasure hunt. All you need for treasure hunting in the 21st century is a GPS navigation device, which almost every telephone today is equipped with. Just register on the pertinent website, and then just walk and search for your destination according to its coordinates. There are many such sites in the Karlovy Vary Region, so grab your navigation and set out. Surely a stroll through nature has never  been so fun.


Probably every boy (and many girls) wishes to drive a car. Fulfil their dream and take them to the largest and most modern go-cart racetrack in the Czech Republic at Kartarena in Cheb, which has a total length of 1.2 km. Children aged four to ten years can ride in the two-seater meant for an adult driver and their passenger, equipped with seatbelts and a special frame that guarantees extreme safety. Children over ten years of age and who have reached a height of 135 cm can race by themselves every weekday until noon. In the meantime, you can rest in the adjacent restaurant with a view of the track.

Adventures on scooters and terrain buggies

The Novako family activity facilities at Boží Dar are a place full of fun for the whole family, welcoming every lover of sports, fun and nature. Whereas in the winter, the local slopes are criss-crossed by skiers, in summer the grounds are divided into two sections. The first is the “Children’s World” with attractions such as bouncy castles, a funicular, a stream with water gates, crossbow shooting, a labyrinth, a trampoline, ninepin, jungle gyms for the littlest visitors, a croquet court, and much more. The second section of the grounds has mountain carts and scooters. A funicular lift will take you uphill, and then you ride down, enjoying the beautiful view of Špičák. If this is too much adrenaline, don’t worry. In the summer, the winter sports equipment rental turns into a rental shop for mountain bikes, electric bikes, children’s balance bicycles, or children’s electric all-terrain vehicles. Well, is this paradise or not?

The František Krejčí Astronomical Observatory

August practically begs for a trip to the stars. At the František Krejčí Astronomical Observatory in Karlovy Vary, you can at least get closer to them – come at any time from Saturday to Thursday and participate in the regular evening observation sessions. Lectures and programmes for both children and adults, such as an observation of the stars accompanied by a fairy tale or a scientific lecture on astronomy, are  organised by the observatory. In the event of inclement weather, the observatory offers an alternate programme, which includes a tour of the observatory and  the technical astronomical equipment, or a series of astronomical fairy tales for children.


Have you ever heard of disc golf? No? If you like to throw a frisbee, then we just know that this sport will win you over. The sport was created in the 1970s in the USA, and since then it has continued to gain supporters all around the world. This is basically a form of traditional golf, but instead of a club and a ball, you use a frisbee, and instead of holes you use special baskets. Even the course looks like a golf course with nine or eighteen holes, as well as closely-cropped grass, several water hazards, and elements from the natural surroundings. Disc golf is a simple recreational activity, which you can quickly learn no matter your gender or age. You can find disc golf courses in the Karlovy Vary Region in the towns of Cheb, Ostrov or in Loučná under the highest mountain of the Ore Mountains, Klínovec, so don’t hesitate and set out.