Along with other European spa towns, the spa triangle of Karlovy Vary, Mariánské Lázně, and Františkovy Lázně was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List as a part of the transnational series “The Great Spa Towns of Europe”.

Together, Karlovy Vary, Mariánské Lázně, and Františkovy Lázně create the famous spa triangle, where the greatest concentration of curative springs with unique therapeutic qualities is located. To this day, the towns have preserved the authentic appearance that these spa resorts had up to the mid-20th century. Their wonderfully preserved architecture reflects the international spa trend preferring the Classicist and Historicism styles. The tradition of the spa treatment in the Karlovy Vary Region dates back to the 14th century. Thanks to the natural therapeutic procedures, the holistic approach to health, the unique architecture, and the varied social life, our spa towns rightfully rank among the significant European cultural centres.

Karlovy Vary

Five colonnades, fourteen springs, thousands of experiences. Karlovy Vary is not just the largest Czech spa town, but in this sense also ranks among the European best. The genius loci of this magical city, situated in the picturesque valley of the Teplá River, is completed by the gorgeous spa architecture, rich cultural life, and lush nature, charging you with positive energy. Hundreds of procedures await you in dozens of spa hotels, and the spa physicians will recommend those most suitable for you. This is Karlovy Vary – a town where you can taste curative springs, immerse yourself in wholesome mineral baths, put yourself in the hands of experts – physicians, experienced physical therapists, and massage therapists, or enjoy a mud pack. All under one roof in an elegant environment and with a perfectly trained staff.

Mariánské Lázně

The second largest Czech spa town Mariánské Lázně was endowed with the richness of its majestic landscape and the curative mineral springs. This town full of parks, colonnades, winsome pavilions, the Singing Fountain, and excursion trails has maintained the charm of old times to this day and provides spa treatment of the highest standard. As a part of your stay, you can focus on just relaxing (in a whirlpool with a glass of champagne, for instance), treat yourself to therapeutic procedures, or add a programme to improve your fitness. The original Roman baths and the Royal Cabin, where English king Edward VII also regained vitality, are truly a treasure. The architectural gems of Mariánské Lázně are the spring pavilions, in which you can sip the curative waters sourcing from the depths of the earth in peace.


Františkovy Lázně

A trip to the Classicist spa of Františkovy Lázně, surrounded by extensive Englishstyle parks and forest parks, will seem like a trip back in time. Treat yourself to rest in the shadows of the New Colonnade supported by Sphinxes, refresh yourself in the water park, or head out for a trip to the natural and historical sites in the environs. Františkovy Lázně has the air of the Classicist and Empire styles and the combination of architecture and nature is a typical feature for the town. A stroll through the town will calm your nerves, and the view of the beautiful buildings connected to the parks will ease your mind.