Learn about hundreds of millions of years of geological processes.

Even though the strongest geological activity ceased in the Czech-Bavarian Geopark more than five million years ago, the persistent volcanism, tectonics and thermal water springs still attract both laymen and experts. Visit the geopark yourself and discover rare mineral wealth.

What is a geopark?

The little-known term geopark refers to a geologically valuable area that contributes to the development of an area and the education of visitors. In addition to rock formations, geological attractions, quarries, mines and caves, you should also find cultural, ecological or historical attractions on site.

There are currently eight geoparks in the Czech Republic – in addition to the Egeria Geopark, there is the Železné hory Geopark, the National Geopark GeoLoci in the Tachov region, the Podbeskydí Geopark, the Region of the Knights of Blanik in the Central Bohemia region, the Ralsko Geopark near Česká Lípa and, more recently, a geopark in Vysočina.

The most interesting mineral localities of the Egeria Geopark

It is the geological and geomorphological attractions that attract visitors to the Egeria Geopark. Deep valleys, massive rock formations and mysterious peat bogs have been created here by the action of the earth’s forces. The Kladská and Božídarská peat bogs, the Svatošské rocks, the Smraďoch reserve, Krásný vrch, Andělská hora and many others are certainly worth a visit.

Brown coal, ceramic raw materials, ores and precious metals have been mined in many places in the Karlovy Vary Region since the Middle Ages. Moreover, many mining monuments are in an unusually well-preserved state. If you are interested in the mining history of the region, you should not miss the town of Jáchymov, Horní Slavkov, Hřebečná, Krásno, Přebuz or Blatenský příkop. However, this is only a small part, there are countless mining monuments in the Egeria Geopark.

Tertiary volcanism also had a great influence on the resulting landscape. The volcanic volcanics created regular hills that were ideal for building defensive medieval castles. Look for traces of volcanic activity on Andělská hora, Komorní hůrka, Krásný vrch or Vlčí hora.

Mineral springs and paleontological finds

Did you know that many minerals were first discovered in the Karlovy Vary Region? Many of the local deposits are among the richest in the world, especially Jáchymov, where over 320 minerals have been found and more are being found all the time. In addition to Jáchymov, visit Dřenice, Horní Slavkov, Krásno, Horní Blatná, Přebuz and Zlatý Kopec.

Mineral springs and spa towns are also an important element of the Egeria Geopark. In addition to Karlovy Vary, Františkovy Lázně, Mariánské Lázně, Jáchymov and the Kynžvart Spa, mineral water and gas springs can be found in many natural locations. Explore the Smraďoch Reserve, Soos, the Horse Spring, Milhostovské mofety or the Reitenberger Spring.