The Karlovy Vary Region is a world-renowned region of spas and natural healing waters that renew life energy, boost the immunity, and rejuvenate the body and mind. Its character is also formed by the lush vegetation, wild mountains, and mysterious mine shafts that conceal the ancient geological riches of our planet. To know what to visit in our region, we offer the following list of tips, ranging from natural monuments that provide the peace you need, to historical monuments that harbour ancient treasures. Those who appreciate active holidays can expect an unforgettable ride whether on a bicycle or with an oar in hand. Come for experiences and memories that will remain with you for the rest of your life.

Spa and wellness
Info SPAS AND WELLNESS To the spas for health and relaxation Read more Info TOP SITES Do not miss the most beautiful monuments, the most popular activities, or cultural events. Read more Info AN ACTIVE HOLIDAY The Karlovy Vary Region is perfect for an active holiday. Read more

The best tips for your holiday

Other tips

A Wild Winter Ride Lazing in front of the telly and stuffing yourself with Christmas cookies is no longer amusing? Set out for fun! The Karlovy Vary Region offers many activities in the snow. Fancy mushing, snowtubing, or perhaps a freestyle run in a terrain park? Snowkiting Snowkiting - that is a proper shot… Where to Ski with Children (for the first time) Are you planning to hit the slopes this year for the first time with your children? Are you looking for a ski resort with gentle bunny slopes where you can easily teach your children to ski? Or have your children already had skis on their feet but are still not… Small Ski Resorts in the Karlovy Vary Region If overcrowded parking lots, gigantic ski resorts, and large hordes of people do not entice you, you can bet on the smaller ski resorts of the Karlovy Vary Region. Although you will not find dozens of kilometres of ski runs and several lifts there, you will surely be surprised by…
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