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The spas of the Karlovy Vary Region are famous worldwide for their unique therapeutic springs that have beneficial effects for health on both the outside and inside. Poet J. W. Goethe, Tsar Peter I, or King Edward II treated their illnesses here. The spas are not the only reason you should visit the Karlovy Vary Region. Visitors from around the world come to the spa for health and beauty. They put themselves in the hands of experts at the clinics of ophthalmologists, dermatologists, gastroenterologists, dentists, or plastic surgeons. The offer is truly varied – from resolving health issues, to body shaping using liposuction techniques, to plastic surgery on various parts of the body, laser surgery, to operations treating the issues of ageing. Here, you will find the best ratio between price and quality in all of Europe, located in the gorgeous environment of spa colonnades and parks. Combine medical operations with the ensuing recovery and rest in the spas. Aside from wellness procedures, such as massages, baths, saunas, etc., you will find a full range of opportunities to enjoy sports – tennis, golf, hiking, cycling, and bathing. You will go home feeling reborn. Mix yourself a cocktail of experiences at the spa that you will love to drink over and over again. It is not by accident that the Karlovy Vary Region is referred to as paradise.

Clinics in the Karlovy Vary Region

HB Clinic, Karlovy Vary

This institute of beauty and health offers a wide spectrum of premium services, ranging from minute cosmetic operations to plastic surgery.


The Asklepion Institute of Clinical and Aesthetic Medicine is focused on laser medicine, dermatology, stomatology, gastroenterology, and other fields. It has branches in the Bristol Hotel, the Savoy Westend, the Dvořák, and the Thermal in Karlovy Vary, as well as in the Pacifik Spa Building and the Central Spa in Mariánské Lázně. Thanks to the facilities of the spa centre, clients can also undergo long-term therapeutic and rehabilitation programmes.

Carlsbad Clinic, Karlovy Vary

The luxurious medical-wellness centre located in hotel Carlsbad Plaza offers complete diagnostics, whole-body cryotherapy, traditional and Thai massages, facial and body treatments for both women and men, peat baths, a gastro-centre, physiological regulatory medicine, or mechanical cosmetic treatments. All of this in a pleasant atmosphere, combined with luxurious services and the most modern equipment.

Centrale Clinique Esthétique – Biologique Recherche Karlovy Vary

This authorised salon of the French cosmetics line BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE is also a clinic that ensures first-rate cosmetic treatments customised to the needs of each client. You can look forward to skin diagnostics, rejuvenation and other procedures, epilation of the whole body, make-up, facials, rejuvenating procedures, and much more.

GiSant Clinic, Karlovy Vary

This clinic focuses on the specialised treatments of plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine. Other fields are laser surgery or corrective dermatology, as well as other related medical specialisations. It also ranks among the pioneers of the increasingly popular, untraditional treatment of lifestyle diseases, such as atopic eczema and psoriasis.

The Institute of Aesthetic Medicine Karlovy Vary

Aside from plastic surgery, it also offers other types of aesthetic medicine procedures.

Somich Eye Centre, Karlovy Vary

The clinic provides complex care in the field of ophthalmology. It focuses on the laser operations of eyes, cataract operations, removal of dioptric defects, treatment and surgeries of the cornea, glaucoma, and retina. The centre also offers aesthetic eye operations to our clients.

Petra Clinic and Estet Derma in Karlovy Vary

These clinics of laser and aesthetic medicine offer skin rejuvenation using anti-ageing therapies.,

Spa Clinic of the Pawlik – Aquaforum Hotel

A modern medical facility with an offer of traditional spa procedures that utilise the guaranteed local natural healing resources, but also of new, non-invasive aesthetic operations.

Gastrocentrum Karlovy Vary

Carries out the diagnostics and treatment of the digestive tract, liver, pancreas, and rectal diseases.

Centrum Formosa, Sokolov

This clinic offers cosmetic services, rejuvenation of the face and skin, laser treatments, body shaping, and regeneration.

Clinic for Luck, Ostrov

This clinic offers a complete spectrum of plastic surgery services, ranging from breast reconstruction, body shaping, liposuction, surgical or non-surgical facial treatments, to labiaplasty.

Dental Praxis, Karlovy Vary

Offer of aesthetic stomatology.

Spadentist, Karlovy Vary

An offer of complex dental care for both adults and children.

Centre of Assisted Reproduction

The spas also treat infertility on the top European level. The Pronatal Spa Centre of Reproductive Medicine and Genetics in Karlovy Vary ( and Ferticare Karlsbad – the Institute of Reproductive Medicine and Genetics ( helps you fulfil your dream of having your own child.

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