Exceptional care for an exceptional destination

Whether it was curiosity or the need for information, you have reached the B2B portal of “ŽIVÝ KRAJ – Destinační agentura pro Karlovarský kraj” destination agency.

Our main mission is to promote the region as an exceptional tourist destination, covering all possible segments of the tourist industry.

Objectives and mission

The association of “ŽIVÝ KRAJ – Destinační agentura pro Karlovarský kraj” was established in 2016 for an indefinite period. Its basic objectives are:

  • to strengthen the good reputation of the region, as well as of the brand “Živý kraj” itself
  • to increase the prestige of the Karlovy Vary Region as a significant tourist destination to pique the interest of the public
  • to pique the interest of the public
  • to initiate partnerships of the region with all types of subjects
  • to spread information about the Karlovy Vary Region and about the offer of services, including the option of congress tourism
  • to gradually increase the time spent here by visitors to the region, as well as the number of clients in spa facilities
  • to raise awareness in the Karlovy Vary Region’s citizens about their ties to the tourist industry and the spa industry

With its activities, the destination agency hopes to increase the interest of clients in touristic products and to present the varied offer of regional attractions. Also, it aims to reinforce the Karlovy Vary Region’s position as a world-renowned destination offering first-class spa care based on unique natural healing resources.

Unique natural conditions creating the effective healing resources, impressive architecture in towns with their rich history, and just beyond them, gorgeous nature replete with exceptional flora and fauna: The destination itself thus provides a varied offer not only of cultural, but also of sports activities for all age categories.

In the towns, history affects you with your every step, and the squares and colonnades are exceptional cultural elements. Thus, for decades, in combination with the modern findings used for spa procedures, unique offers and combinations have been established, enticing visitors not only from all over the Czech Republic, but also from abroad, to come to the Karlovy Vary Region.

The spa industry, historical towns, and the surrounding nature are attractions enticing a wide spectrum of clients, who all have a common interest in the services provided. These can satisfy both the more demanding clients seeking above-standard services as well as tourists seeking a suitable destination for excursions, for spending their leisure time, and for holidays.

The activities of the destination agency

The main activities of the destination agency are primarily satisfying and protecting the interests for which the destination agency was established, whereby these primarily include:

  • ensuring marketing for the Karlovy Vary Region in the field of tourism
  • the organisation of trade fairs, workshops, targeted presentations, exhibitions, fam and press trips, etc.
  • participation in tourism trade fairs in the Czech Republic and abroad
  • the creation and ensuring of promotional materials for the DA
  • the management of the tourist portal “Živý kraj”, as well as all affiliated websites and social media profiles
  • ensuring PR presentations (print, on-line, outdoor, TV…)
  • the realisation of tourist industry conferences and specialised seminars
  • the activities of the Film Office of the Karlovy Vary Region

the cooperation with stakeholders in the tourist industry, with cities and towns, to establish and to administrate destination management

  • the cooperation with corporate subjects in the development of the tourist industry, procurement of materials to create products, promotional materials
  • the provision of consultation services for the authorities of towns and cities in the fields of tourism and the spa industry
  • the collaboration in the realisation of projects with partner regions

the advancement of common causes in terms of the development of tourism within the Karlovy Vary Region

  • the cooperation with the Ministry of Regional Development of the Czech Republic and the CzechTourism Agency, including their representatives abroad
  • in case of need, the support of a suitable certification system for tourism in the region.

The activities of the Destination agency are based on the approved Concept of Tourism in the Karlovy Vary Region for the period of 2018 – 2023 (Koncepce CR)


Živý kraj – destinační agentura pro Karlovarský kraj, z.s.

Závodní 379/84a
360 06 Karlovy Vary – Dvory

E-mail: info@zivykraj.cz
Telefon: +420 354 222 243

IČ: 05309964
DIČ: CZ05309964

Date of establishment and entry in the Commercial Register – 29 August 2016
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Petr Židlický
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