The birthplace of radon treatments and the place where the great-grandfather of the dollar was minted. Although Jáchymov is a small mountain town, its significance cannot be overestimated. When the majestic spa building in Jáchymov first emerges in front of you on the backdrop of the forested mountainsides, the genius loci grips you, and will not let go until your departure.

The story of radon treatment

Perhaps you did not know that the history of the modern use of radium began thanks to the pitchblende of Jáchymov, in which Marie Curie and her husband first discovered this radioactive element.

This famous scientist then revisited Jáchymov in 1925, when she was familiarised with the local methods of treatment. For instance, she visited the local first radon baths in the world, which to this day uses radon water to treat joints, the nervous system, post-operative states, and much more.

Have you ever heard of a sauna mine? In Jáchymov, you can visit the Agricola sauna mine, and when walking through its adit, you can stop off at the steam bath, herbal sauna, or Finnish sauna. The complex also features a whirlpool and a dark resting room with a fireplace and heated benches.

To the roots of the dollar

However, the history of Jáchymov reaches much further back. The greatest proof of this is the Royal Mint Museum, with an exhibit on coin minting and on Renaissance culture. This extensive collection of coins from days of old to the present will guide you through each stage of the development of coining in Jáchymov and in Bohemia as a whole. Among other things, you will learn how through the centuries, the local tolar became the dollar so frequently used worldwide.

Are you rather interested in old documents and prints? In the Latin Library, you will be able to peruse preserved documents primarily dating to the boom of silver mining in the 16th century, but also, for instance, the Old Testament dating to the 13th century or a Renaissance hymnal.

On your walk through Jáchymov, also stop by the ruins of the Schlick Castle dating to 1517, in the Church of St Joachim with frescoes from the 16th century, or by the idyllic Mill Valley, where about sixty miniature mills of various shapes and colours peacefully clip-clop on a small mountain brook.

To the heart of the Ore Mountains

If you prefer physical activities, then you can enjoy them in the surroundings of Jáchymov more than enough. The Eduard Sports Grounds located just above the town is a perfect combination of wilderness and enjoyment from sports. Perfect for escaping the hustle and bustle of the big city. For example, you can try archery, Nordic walking, cycling, or the climbing wall, and afterwards be fixed by an experienced massage therapist in the Jáchymov spa.

Skiers should visit the nearby Klínovec Ski Resort. This is the largest resort of this type in the Ore Mountains, with its highest point at an altitude of 1,244 above sea level. You can enjoy pistes of all difficulties, modern chair lifts, conveyor belts for children, and a snow park with many jumps and attractions.

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