Discover the Region from a Different Perspective.

The Karlovy Vary Region is a popular destination for water sports tourism. The Ohře River, which sources under the name of Eger in Germany in the Fichtel Mountains, provides great conditions for canoeists. In the Czech Republic, you can enjoy over 240 kilometres of this river. Upriver, the Ohře is rather a calm river, and the first rapids begin to appear before Loket, increasing in number all the way to Karlovy Vary and continuing to Kadaň in the Ústí nad Labem Region, where the river again becomes peaceful.

Aside from the wide offer of campsites and boats and boat accessory rentals, as well as of other necessary services, the banks of the Ohře also provide an entire range of monuments, natural places of interest, and other popular tourist attractions. The most interesting section of the river begins near Sokolov. Here, the Ohře winds around Loket Castle and flows into the Slavkovský Forest Protected Landscape Area. You can expect a romantic section among the Svatoš Rocks, as well as adrenaline while the shooting rapids near the Hubertus campsite. Take delight in the picturesque countryside from the oar of your boat and discover the world from a unique perspective.

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