Which spa town ranks among the most beautiful in Europe? Why, Karlovy Vary, of course! It is no wonder that the town is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The town is full of amazing architecture in the form of colonnades and parks, healing springs, hidden nooks, and gorgeous nature. Come and see for yourselves.

A town dedicated to the spa

Without a doubt, the greatest gift that Karlovy Vary was endowed with are the unique natural resources such as therapeutic mineral springs. The largest, as well as the warmest of them is the Hot Spring, which jets up from the depths of the Earth near the Hot Spring Colonnade. There is a total of five architectural gems in the form of colonnades in Karlovy Vary. Aside from the Hot Spring Colonnade, the attentive eye should not miss seeing the Mill, Market, Park, and Castle Colonnades.

The springs are used for drinking cures and for many procedures along with other healing resources in the Elisabeth or Castle public spas. A stay at the spa will eliminate your stress and recharge you with new energy.

Echoes of times past

In addition to the healing waters, you can immerse yourself in history in Karlovy Vary. The starting point is the Karlovy Vary Museum, documenting the spa industry and its artistic crafts, including the traditional production of glass and porcelain. The “Fabrik Tour” thematically follows the exhibits of the museum, and takes you to the Thun porcelain factory, the Moser glassworks, and the Becherovka Museum.

All colours of nature in Karlovy Vary

The reconstructed Goethe Lookout Tower from the end of the 19th century and its adjacent Monster Hiking Trail for children invites one to visit. One of the symbols of Karlovy Vary is the bronze statue of the chamois at “Jelení skok” (Deer Leap), which you can access from the Diana Lookout Tower that is accessible by the funicular leading directly from the town. The unique Papilonia Butterfly House stands near the lookout tower, presenting the most beautiful butterflies of the world, who will orchestrate a symphony of all thinkable shapes and colours right before your very eyes.

Not even three kilometres from Diana is the extensive Linhart game reserve with a network of bridges, from which you have a view of the peaceful Dybowski’s sika deer, European fallow deer, and wild boars. A natural high-ropes centre is in direct proximity to the game reserve, with circuits for both the smallest of children and the most seasoned athletes.

A trip to Karlovy Vary would not be complete without visiting the legendary rock formation known as Svatoš Rocks, which is said to depict a petrified wedding party. On foot or on bike, one can travel along the Ohře River through the splendid nature all the way to Loket with its Gothic castle. You can liven up your trip back with a raft or canoe ride on the river, from where there is the best view of the rock monolith.

Where to find exercise?

For an active rest, visit the sports grounds of Karlovy Vary. The most popular include:

  • The Rolava Leisure Time Park
  • The Meander Ohře Inline Track
  • The Ohře Cycle Path
  • Boating on the Ohře
  • Sports resort Gejzírpark
  • Golf resort Olšová Vrata
  • Golf & Racing Club Karlovy Vary
  • Golf Club Cihelny

Those who prefer cultural events, live events, or festivals, can visit Karlovy Vary during the world-renowned International Film Festival, which attracts significant figures from around the world each year, or visit one of the many more interesting events:

  • Opening of the spa season
  • Mattoni 1/2 Marathon
  • City Triathlon
  • Létofest Summer Festival – the popular summer music festival
  • Food Festival
  • VARY září (ShiningVARY) – festival of modern technologies
  • Dvořák’s Autumn – festival of classical music

A speciality is the Christmas House, where one can enjoy the holiday season year-round, even in the summer. Are you already looking forward to your visit?

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