Mariánské Lázně is a town of spa parks, exceptional architecture, the beauty of the omnipresent nature, wide offer of leisure time activities, as well as a famous history. Visit this town endowed with therapeutic mineral springs and other natural healing resources, which is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Whether you are searching for a place to enjoy a romantic wellness weekend for two, an active holiday for the whole family, or just wish to rest and recharge your batteries at the spa, Mariánské Lázně is the place for you.

The singing town

Aside from strolling through the romantic colonnades, be sure to not forget to visit the Singing Fountain that plays the music of Bedřich Smetana, Johann Sebastian Bach, and Petr Hapka. You will be guided through the town by educational trails, e.g., the Royal or Edward Trails, and if you should come with your children, there is the fun trail with the spa squirrels and the Prelát Nature Park. Another popular destination is Park Boheminium, with precisely detailed models of famous Czech monuments.

Opening of the spa season

If anything should be the event of the year, then it is the opening of the spa season. This festive event with a varied complementary programme including a historical costume parade and concerts in the colonnades symbolically opens the town and its spas to guests from around the world. You can experience it every spring.

The Reliquary in the viewfinder of the secret police

Several famous sites are found in the surroundings of Mariánské Lázně. The most renowned is the Bečov castle and chateau, the walls of which hide the Reliquary of St Maurus, which is the second most valuable gilded relic of the Czech Republic after the crown jewels. It is associated with espionage, which you will discover directly on site.

The ancient history of Christianity is presented by the Premonstratensian Monastery at Teplá, dating to 1193. It was established during the Third Crusade, and the first mass served here was attended by the Bohemian King, Wenceslas I. Just as significant is Kynžvart Chateau, the former summer residence of Prince Metternich, with its collection of art works, first editions, weapons, or even rare personal items of historical figures.

Nature shrouded in mystery

We direct your steps from monuments back to nature. Near aforementioned Bečov, the Bečov botanical gardens extend out, set in the rugged landscape along the Teplá River, which invites one to stroll in the shade of rare trees, view rock plants and climbing plants, or to conquer the bioferrata.

You also should not miss the mysterious Kladská Peat Bog, the most valuable nature reserve of the Slavkovský Forest. Here, on the educational trail, you will absorb the magic atmosphere of hidden wetlands, and you will encounter the hardiest life forms that have adapted to life in an acidic environment and infertile soil.

Not far away to the northeast is Tři křížky (Three Crosses), a national natural monument with an exceptionally high number of protected plant species. From afar, you can already see its dominant, the three crosses dating to 1849, shrouded in legends.

On your return trip to Mariánské Lázně, stop by the Hamelika Lookout Tower. After conquering an even hundred stairs, the panorama of the Bohemian Forest opens in front of you.

Golf with the King of England

You can find many sports grounds for both active and leisurely exercise in the town. The most famous of them is Royal Golf Club Mariánské Lázně, with a history dating back to 1905, and the King of England, Edward VII, along with the British envoy in Vienna at the time, were involved in its establishment.

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