The scenery is like a fairy tale. In the midst of forests and groves you will find three famous spa towns where you can enjoy not only relaxation and healing treatments, but also unforgettable cultural experiences. The picturesque spa towns full of refined architecture are surrounded by enchanting nature, which you can colour in the most beautiful autumn tones. What’s more, the West Bohemian spa triangle of Karlovy Vary, Mariánské Lázně and Františkovy Lázně boasts a UNESCO World Heritage Site. So don’t wait for anything and enjoy the well-deserved relaxation and pleasant walks through the autumn landscape of the spa triangle.

Karlovy Vary

Which spa town is one of the most beautiful in Europe? Well, Karlovy Vary, and no wonder. It is full of unique architecture in the form of colonnades, parks and beautiful nature, which has already put on its autumn coat. When you’ve tasted all of Karlovy Vary’s springs, be sure to take a walk in the spa forests. You can take the Sovova (Owl) Trail, which will take you to the Linhart Game Reserve, where you will see fallow deer. 

If you want to have Karlovy Vary in the palm of your hand, head to the Diana Lookout Tower. We also recommend visiting the romantic Goethe Lookout or the Three Crosses Lookout. And while you’re in Karlovy Vary, it would be a sin to miss a trip to the Gothic castle of Loket. The view of the castle in the meander of the river is simply never tiring.

Mariánské Lázně

Close your eyes and imagine the unique architecture, the beauty of the ubiquitous colourful nature and the wide range of leisure activities. All this and much more can be found in Mariánské Lázně. Healing mineral waters, peat, spring gas and now the climate. Mariánské Lázně prides itself on being a comprehensive spa resort that uses all natural resources for treatment.

When you’re done with the beneficial treatments, let the spa spirit of the surroundings engulf you. Follow one of the trails dedicated to famous monarchs or writers. Walk the trails like King Edward VII of England or Goethe accompanied by Ulrika von Lewetz. In any case, you should not miss the nearby National Nature Reserve Kladské peat bogs with its nature trail leading through spruce forests and around large bodies of water, because especially in autumn this beautiful place has its unmistakable genius loci.

Františkovy Lázně

Clean air, charming classical architecture and landscaped spa parks. At first glance, it may seem that you are suddenly in the 19th century, but the opposite is true! This is exactly what Františkovy Lázně is like. Relax, enjoy the varied cuisine and enjoy plenty of activities and entertainment. The atmosphere here has enchanted many a famous visitor, even the Habsburg monarchs came here to recharge their batteries.

The surrounding nature under the baton of the autumn painter directly invites to trips. You can choose from the so-called “heart trails”, which take you to the pond with the forest park Amerika, the Salingburg lookout tower or the youngest volcano Komorní hůrka. Don’t forget to add the nearby Soos National Nature Reserve, nicknamed the Czech Yellowstone, with its numerous mineral springs, to your bucket list.

Wherever your steps take you, you’ll never go wrong. Because autumn has coloured the spa triangle with unforgettable experiences.