For many people, autumn means bare trees without leaves, mud, slushy weather, cold winds, frequent drizzle or early darkness. Yes, sometimes it is, but it can also be full of colour and warm sunshine, which, although it peeps out only occasionally and is already losing its strength, can put a smile on your face all the more. And just because it is so varied, it also offers a wide range of activities that will satisfy both the notoriously restless and the indulgent. Here are 8 tips for autumn activities in the Karlovy Vary Region that everyone can choose from.

Outdoors in all weathers

The autumn nature invites us to spend some time in it. So dress warmly and get outside. The Karlovy Vary region is dotted with breathtaking views – thanks to the ubiquitous mountain peaks and the countless lookout towers. It is from above that you will appreciate the beauty of the local landscape and recharge your batteries before the coming winter. A person absorbed in the big city often doesn’t realise how refreshing a walk through the autumn landscape in pure nature can be. So don’t let the chilly weather discourage you and head to the romantic Jungmann’s Lookout in Karlovy Vary, the Cibulka lookout tower near Oloví, or the most beautiful of all in Krásno.

To the museum for knowledge

One solution to avoid the vagaries of the weather is to take shelter inside. And why not combine the pleasant with the useful? Take shelter from the rain in a museum – you won’t get wet and you’ll learn something interesting! The Karlovy Vary Region has a lot to offer in this respect too.  At the Retromuseum in Cheb you can reminisce about the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, and at the Moser glassworks in Karlovy Vary you can take a look into the secrets of glass blowing and shaping. If you can’t wait for Christmas, soak up the magical Christmas atmosphere at the Christmas House in Karlovy Vary. The Diana Butterfly House in Karlovy Vary offers a completely unique experience, where you will find hundreds of exotic butterflies with a wingspan of up to 20 cm!


For good food and drink

On a trip and especially in autumn, one gets tired faster. If you want to replenish your energy and still have a good and quality meal, go to the small Bagel Lounge bistro in Karlovy Vary, where you can enjoy fresh, crispy bagels baked with love.  They use only high-quality organic ingredients from the best suppliers and always offer you a cup of fragrant coffee of selected varieties and, for those who like to sit with friends, real beer from small breweries.

If you like more traditional cuisine, go a little further to the Becherplatz restaurant, where the traditional Karlovy Vary beer Karel IV is brewed. You’ve never had a sirloin like the one here before! If you’re craving romance, go to the Swiss House restaurant in Mariánské Lázně, where they serve dishes made from seasonal local ingredients and turn them into a gastronomic experience!

The Faustův Dvůr restaurant in Horní Blatná promises a perfect combination of flavours in a romantic setting. It will remain in your memory thanks to its delicious modern French-style gastronomy and the original Baroque-era premises. The Karlovy Vary region also has its own typical specialities, so you should definitely try the famous Karlovy Vary dumpling with venison from the local forests, or the Kraslice mushroom chanterelle sauce. And to make sure you miss such feasts, visit one of the local breweries – and there are many to choose from.

Adventures in paintball

Do you want to organise an autumn event with friends but are worried about the weather? Don’t worry, there are activities that will be a lot of fun and make you wish the weather was even worse than it is. For example, paintball is the perfect game for fall. You don’t sweat as much as in the summer, nor does it fog up your protective mask as much. The guns work better and the gloom gives you better cover. Even if it’s a little slushy, it will get lost in the woods and if you’re in the heat of the game you won’t even know the wheelbarrows are falling. There are several locations in the Carlsbad region where you can enjoy this action-packed fun in a group. Try for example the Paintball Arena Cheb, Paintball complex Březová or Paintball club Karlovy Vary.

Relax in wellness

If you find weather fluctuations and cooler temperatures harder to cope with and you enjoy relaxing rather than going for walks and being active, treat yourself to some well-deserved relaxation. Autumn is the perfect time for wellness trips, where you will be pampered with sensual massages, pleasant baths and good food. As the Karlovy Vary Region is a spa region, most spa hotels offer weekend or longer relaxation programmes for couples and entire families. However, if you don’t have the whole weekend but just a few hours, go to Aquaforum in Františkovy Lázně, Aquacentre in Jáchymov or KV Arena. These offer the desired relaxation for parents and endless fun for children – the perfect combination, don’t you think?

Last days in castles and chateaus

Even though some castles and chateaus have officially ended their visiting season at the end of October, don’t despair, selected monuments in the Karlovy Vary Region are keeping their doors open for visitors. For example, Loket Castle has a rich concert programme for November and in December you can enjoy the true Advent atmosphere at the Erzgebirge Christmas Market. The Horní Hrad (Upper Castle) is also open all year round, where you can warm up with the castle mead in case of bad weather, or Vildštejn Castle with a great historical menu in the local pub. Until the end of November, you can still see the interesting interiors and the cabinet of curiosities at Kynžvart Castle.

Indoor golf 

Are you an avid golfer and would you like to practice in the rain? Try Indoor golf, i.e. golf played indoors on a simulator. Players can choose from a variety of real golf courses or practice all types of strokes. Professionals as well as golf beginners of all ages will find something to do here. For example, the Golf Resort Karlovy Vary offers a unique golf experience.  Indoor golf can also be played at the Royal Golf Club in Mariánské Lázně.

Adrenaline on go-karts

Experience the karting madness on the largest and most modern circuit in the Czech Republic in the Funarena in Cheb. Luxuriously equipped rental, a furious off-road Supermoto track or Mini GP races, all this awaits you on the 1202-metre long circuit. Now you can also ride on the indoor circuit, perform acrobatic stunts in the Jump Arena or escape into the world of virtual reality.

As you can see, autumn doesn’t have to be a time of depression and doing nothing. Dress warmly, take inspiration from our rich tips and banish your bad mood with an active lifestyle!