It’s a fact. Great food and drink enhance every experience. You want some specific examples? Judge for yourself, what would a skiing trip be without a bombardino on the panoramic terrace, a proper hike without a dewy reward at the top, or a walk along the colonnade without a spa wafer? That’s why we’ve put our heads together and created a list of unusual places that will enhance your experience in the Karlovy Vary Region. Let’s go to them!

We will start our journey in the capital of the Karlovy Vary Region. Fresh Bistro Jáchymovská 97 is a bit different fast food. This nice project on the outskirts of Karlovy Vary attracts visitors with its fast and fancy street food. You can park well here and actually sit down. Where did it come from? The father of the unconventional bistro, Denis Kypta, set up one stand on the edge of the town on a cinder block and the first burger and meat roasting began. As the days went by, guests started asking for soups. Today, two stands stand side by side, connected by a solid pergola and seating. Admittedly, the diner is running a pretty decent daily menu. It’s actually quite extensive. The hit here, though, is still the pulled pork. The chef loves Asia, and now the diners love it, too. As soon as the vegetable curry appears on the menu, it’s the first to go. You just have to try it!

Feel like a break? In Karlovy Vary you can also find Bistro Pauza. Here they make the best sandwiches in the area! And their king is the most popular CLUB sandwich. The secret of a great sandwich is not only the perfect ingredients, but also the art of preparation. The important thing is to stack the palates nicely symmetrically on top of each other, which they definitely know how to do here. That’s the only way to achieve fullness without the ingredients falling out. And, of course, it looks aesthetically much better. Are you salivating yet?

As part of gourmet tourism, you should not miss out on the experience in the unique wooden building at any cost. We are talking, of course, about Bistro Fichtl in Vernéřov near Aš. As the owners themselves say, they have been dreaming about this place for a long time. They have redesigned the space at least a hundred times to make it big enough and cosy enough, to make it respectful of the place, of nature, of history, but to make it modern at the same time. And the result is a wooden building, the shell of Bistro Fichtl. They have thus created a pleasant space in the middle of the beautiful nature of Smrčiny, almost at the end of the world, where you can find not only great Swedish coffee, but also homemade cakes or savoury offerings. Their vision is linked to the revival of the whole region under the Made in backwoods brand. Klára Teršová also contributes her bit to the mill by writing books and a blog about Aš. Bistro Fichtl is a place you want to experience.

We will stay in Aš for a while. If you like proper burgers and jerked meat, be sure to head to Masaryk Square to Bar V Sadu. You can stuff your belly here every day from 3 pm to 10 pm. Beers from small breweries, homemade burgers, good Moravian wines, plus an e-bike charging station. All in all, simply a lot of reasons to visit.

Moving a little further east, 3F Bistro in Cheb should definitely not escape your attention. It is the first bistro in the Czech Republic that specializes in flammkuchen and fresh potato fries. Flammkuchen, or bread dough pie, is offered in both savoury and sweet versions. The fries can be enjoyed classically with dip only, with shredded meat, with mozzarella, cheddar or bacon. Burger lovers will also find something to their liking here. The menu offers a variety of variations. There is also a vegetable salad, a sandwich, a classic fry-up, or you can try the “Cheb’s triple combination”. The interior here is bistroid, but the important thing is the food, and it’s bombastic!

In the nearby Mostov you will feel like in a fairy tale again when you visit the cottage Na Konci. Literally at the end of the forest road, where you can enjoy the views of the surrounding countryside, a magical place with the smell of forest, herbs, coffee and freshly prepared delicacies awaits you. They are open from Thursday to Sunday from 11am to 7pm. You can look forward to a permanent menu, which is supplemented every weekend with a top tasty dish. Just be warned that you can’t use a credit card here. You can only pay in cash.

If after the forest fairy tale you get a craving for a proper and honest burger, enter Čummyburger Bistro, which you can find in Sokolov. We admit, finding this bistro is a bit of a struggle, so we’ll add a few clues. If you look back from the Bill’s parking lot, you’ll see the Terrace Bohemka building, and the aforementioned top burger place is right next door. As we’ve already announced, they mainly do proper burgers, but also tortillas, quesadillas, hot dogs, tacos, jerk meat and even ready-made soups. It’s a real foodie experience.

From here it is a stone’s throw to the nearby Doubrava Inn. If you like typical Czech cuisine, here you will feel like in paradise. Goulash soup, roast duck leg with red cabbage and potato dumplings or roast pork with pepper sauce and roast potatoes and onions. This is just a small taste of their menu. But beware! They only cook such delicacies on the weekend. Both the inn and the Doubrava farmhouse are part of a village conservation area with a unique set of half-timbered Cheb-type folk architecture from the 18th and 19th centuries. Many call it “Little Bavaria”.

But in the heart of the Ore Mountains you will definitely be captivated by the Refreshment at the Red Pit, located on the front Hřebečná near the eponymous gigantic mining sinkhole Red Pit. The fairy-tale cottage, built of wood and clay, can be found on the site of a former inn. The wooden building, which could be called an “organic cottage”, was not built by a company, but by a few enthusiastic people in their spare time. You can use not only the outdoor seating area, but also the cosy room with stones. You can fortify yourself during your trip with homemade soup, cakes or roasted sausage. They are open all year round from 10 am to 5 pm every day, depending on the weather. It is less than three kilometres from Abertamy.

In Ostrov, specifically in Horní Žďár, you should not miss the TateSpeech Bistro. Stop by and replenish your energy for your next trip. You can look forward to scrumptious burgers, great pizza, daily soups, fresh pastries for coffee from a local bakery, draft beer and lemonade from Rudohor Brewery and much more! If you’re the breakfast type, you’ll be pleased to know that they also prepare overhead breakfasts, Monday through Friday starting at 7am.

A visit to the Bistro on the farm in Jakubov is the imaginary end of our list of gastronomic tips. In addition to hosting beautiful weddings, they also treat their visitors to amazing gastro specialties. You can try a luxury burger with shredded beef, onion pie, duck liver pate, pork rillettes, deer goulash with sourdough bread and a dessert with seasonal fruit or homemade ice cream. A menu you probably wouldn’t expect here and fragrant fresh vegetables straight from the garden. Plus, you can rent electric bikes or a stylish Vespa and continue your trip through the surrounding picturesque countryside.

In some places, the owners and architects have taken care to create a modern, stylish design; in others, it is a place with a heart in the palm of its hand, imbued with a distinctive history. Some places have great coffee, while others have perfect breakfasts, top burgers or sandwiches. But all of these unconventional eateries have one thing in common. They’re places you’ll love to stay and won’t want to leave. Enjoy!