A fairy-tale winter wonderland and over two hundred kilometres of well-tended cross-country ski trails of various difficulties can be found in the undiscovered areas of the western Ore Mountains of the Karlovy Vary Region.

At this time of year, when the ground is covered in quilts of snow, the Ore Mountains offer fans of the “white trail” hundreds of groomed circuits and cross-country trails. You can read about the most popular and most sought-out ones in the blog entry The top cross-country ski trails of the Karlovy Vary Region. So, you do not like skiing in a peloton of cross-country skiers? We have options for you, too. Thanks to our tips, you can explore the remote places of the region from the white trail, where you will enjoy peace and the beauty that the picturesque Ore Mountain nature has conjured up for you.

Taking the white trail along the border

Cross-country skiing in the area around Bublava gives you the unique opportunity to traverse the nature parks of Rolava and Jelení all the way to Pernink and Boží Dar. On these cross-country ski trails, you can also access the neighbouring German crest trail, Kammloipe, as well as the circuits found around Muhlleithen. Around Bublava, cross-country skiers can take advantage of the 4-km-long circuit that connects to the German circuit of Sonnenloipe. The trail located close to Bleiberg Lookout Tower on Olověný Hill is primarily meant for skate skiers.

Přebuz – a paradise for cross-country skiers

The pristine nature surrounding the Přebuz nature park is a true paradise for cross-country skiers. Here, you will find regularly groomed trails heading in the direction of Kraslický Špičák and further on to Nová Ves near Stříbrná, as well as of the Rolava Valley, leading to the popular trails near the former settlement of Chaloupky. The Ore Mountain Ski Trail leads north of Přebuz through the former settlement of Rolava, from where skiers can choose from a range of circuits, be it the one leading in the direction of Ostružník and then to Bublava, or the one to Jelení and to Chaloupky, or the one to the Saxon water reservoir of Carlsfeld, which is the highest reservoir of the Ore Mountains.

The white trail around Stříbrná

You can enjoy a super ski on the perfectly groomed cross-country ski trails found near Stříbrná, which connect to the Ore Mountain Ski Trail leading from Bublava to Boží Dar. A nice cross-country ski excursion leads to nearby Klingenthal in Germany.

In the Aš Projection

Every cross-country skier will be pleased by the groomed trails with lengths of 3.5 km and 7 km located in the western-most part of the Czech Republic in the town of Aš. Another option is the 1,088-metre-long in-line track of the adjacent sports grounds, which is adapted for cross-country skiing in the winter months. It is also illuminated, so you can enjoy this winter sport in the evening hours.

Cross-country ski trails around Nejdek

Under favourable snow conditions, you can also put on your cross-country skis near the town centre in Nejdek on Žižkův Hill, where there is a circuit, or you can ascend to Severní Meadow and to Vysoká Jedle settlement. If, however, the snow coverage is uneven, there is an alternate starting point in direct proximity to town, namely the settlement located at a higher altitude, the aforementioned Vysoká Jedle. From here, cross-country skiers can ski on a mechanically groomed trail all the way to Chaloupky, Jelení, Přebuz, or even to nearby Vysoká Pec.

Březová near Sokolov

However, cross-country ski trails are not the privilege only of the Ore Mountains, and you can also find them in the Slavkovský Forest. In the environs of Březová near Sokolov, you can find four mechanically groomed cross-country ski circuits for skiers, ranging in length from 3 to 12 kilometres. They connect Kostelní Bříza, Lobzy, Kamenice, and the village of Rovná.

You can check the current state of the cross-country skiing trails on the website here or use the specially developed app. For example, you can discover which trail to take, when it was groomed with a snow cat, and how many kilometres long it is.

And now all that is left to do is to wax your skis, dress warmly, and head out for the white trail!