The Karlovy Vary Region is a region practically created for children. Whether you have untiring rascals, curious little scientists, or animal lovers at home, you cannot go wrong here. Let them romp about on playgrounds and attractions, enter the world of fairy tales, or discover something new about nature. Show them the beauty of our country and discover places that will enchant you, as well. Plan a family trip that they will never forget.

Diana Mini-Zoo and Butterly House

If you are planning to visit the legendary Diana Lookout Tower in Karlovy Vary, do not forget to take your children to visit the mini-zoo and the tropical gardens with exotic butterflies from around the world. You can admire hundreds of specimens of these colourful beings, some with a wingspan of up to 20 cm, in quite close proximity; you will not find any barriers here! Be sure to always have your camera ready in case one of them decides to rest on your shoulder. A comfortable funicular goes up to the lookout tower.

St Linhart Game Reserve

Grab a pine cone off a tree just under its crown while deer are at pasture under your feet? Only in the fairy-tale game reserve of St Linhart, interlaced with a system of suspension bridges taking you up to as much as six metres high, where you can easily explore life in the game reserve below. If this should not be enough for you, try taking the trail in the trees, with some observation huts located 15 metres above ground. A place created for adventurous natures.

Svatoš Children’s Paradise

This nature park situated in the pristine nature of the Ohře River valley is not called a “children’s paradise” for nothing. Set your children free on the giant air trampoline, let them ride on Indian horses or learn the Western or English horseback riding styles, and enjoy your well-deserved moment of peace. As a bonus, this is the only site between Loket and Karlovy Vary where you can legally start a campfire and perhaps even cook something.

Prelate Nature Park

Here, children of all ages can explore how a mill stone works, be silly in the children’s log cabin, or transform into a Native American for awhile. Those who are stronger can look forward
to an obstacle course or to a short hike to two nearby fish ponds. The park extends along the forest’s edge over idyllic meadows, a stream full of granite boulders cutting through it. The legendary Prelate Spring sources in the centre of it.

Trail Park Klínovec

Beginners, families with children, and advanced bikers will all enjoy over twenty-four kilometres of descending cycle paths. You do not have to worry about biking uphill, a modern chairlift at the foot of each hill will take you up. Complete amenities, including a bike rental with service, a specialised store, or showers are a matter of course. The paths are divided into three levels according to their difficulty.


Bio Ferrata in Bečov nad Teplou

You will enjoy climbing up through gorgeous nature around rocky flora and fauna on the first Czech bio ferrata in Bečov nad Teplou. The route is part of the botanical gardens, and leads over the cliffs above it, leading to the peak that offers a view of the river valley in the direction towards the railroad. The route is suitable for absolute beginners, and can be climbed up within a half an hour at a leisurely pace.

Thun Porcelain Kindergarten

Allow your children to release their creativity in the Thun Porcelain Kindergarten, where they will try crafts using this typically Czech material. In the artistic workshop, they will have a cup at their disposal, as well as a set of decorations that they can combine as they please to create various pictures or shapes. The finalised cups are then burned in the kiln by the master porcelain craftsmen, and are then sent home or to the child’s school. Every participant in the kindergarten will thus get a unique souvenir as well as learn a new craft.

Bernard Homestead

This homestead in the traditional Cheb style combines entertainment and education. The Centre of Traditional Crafts prepares courses in various types of Czech crafts year-round, so whether you are interested in carpentry, ceramics, bee-keeping, or anything else, you will not be disappointed. Add to this the interactive exhibit on the Ohře River including models of bridges, weirs, and constructions, or the petting zoo with friendly animals. Farmer’s markets, fairs, and other events are regularly held at the homestead.

Boheminium Miniature Park

Do you not have time to travel from one Czech castle or château to another? No matter, you can manage almost all of them in one day here. These models of more than seventy renowned Czech monuments, completed to the smallest detail, have gained fame not only in our country, but abroad, as well. This fourth-largest park of miniature buildings in Europe will take you on a fairy-tale journey, where the most beautiful places in our country will be in the palm of yourhand. It is accessed by a chairlift from Mariánské Lázně.

Soos Nature Reserve

North of Františkovy Lázně, you will find an odd moonscape, as if from another world. Mud volcanoes sourcing from the very centre of the Earth, mysterious marshes full of atypical salt-tolerant plants, or the unique peak created from heaped-up lake algae — these are all found at the Soos Nature Reserve, accessible through the bed of the dried-up salt lake. The ground, dyed in hues of yellow and white by mineral salts, invites you to an uncommon visit to the remains of prehistoric times. You can also learn about the nature reserve and its surroundings in the museum exhibit.