The power of nature for your health and vitality.

A spa vacation is the most effective and most direct method of preventing health complications and of generally boosting the immunity. As was recently proven to the maximum degree, the natural immunity of our body is irreplaceable. Thus, the significant role of spa treatments is now coming to light. A spa stay can launch self-healing processes in our body and supports us in adopting proper lifestyle habits and methods of prevention. Simply put, nature has much greater powers than we realise. So let us not resist it, but on the contrary, let us take advantage of its powers to the full extent.

Did you know that…

• Spa programmes focused on prevention can avoid chronic diseases, therapeutic procedures benefit your health, and they also boost the immune system.

• Therapeutic and wellness procedures, sports and leisure time activities in the fresh air, a balanced diet, and mental detox all come together to return a natural equilibrium to your body.

• Programmes for a healthy body and mind or for weight loss, anti-stress therapy, antiageing programmes, and other procedures are based on the findings of modern medicine and on centuries-long experience.

Spas fight against stress and burn-out syndrome

The issue of mental health is more of a hot topic today than ever. Life in contemporary society, with its ever-increasing work tempo and demands, can lead to the burn-out syndrome. This damages both personal and work relations, leads to more serious diseases, and thus has a damaging effect on the overall life quality. Preventive spa therapeutic stays have a years-long tradition and strengthen our resistance against disadvantageous stressors. Doctors recommend them since they not only improve the patient’s current state of health but can also prevent serious health
complications. Complex spa treatments not only consist of the therapeutic and regenerative procedures themselves, but also allow one to be in nature, which is often a cure in itself. Stays in the spa environment are thus considered as one of the most effective tools of managing daily pressures and tension, lowering the levels of stressmobilising hormones, and thus help us avert the burn-out syndrome even before it has the chance to develop.