The thermometer outside shows freezing temperatures, which means only one thing – the operators of winter resorts are taking out their snow cannons and are intensively producing artificial snow. The Karlovy Vary Region can boast several top-notch ski resorts. Which ones are they?

Klínovec Ski Resort

Klínovec, the highest peak of the Ore Mountains, is located about thirty kilometres from Karlovy Vary and ten kilometres from Jáchymov. You can expect 31.5 km of runs with various difficulties on Klínovec, Neklid, and Boží Dar. The resort has a total of thirty-two pistes, the longest measuring almost three kilometres, ranking among the longest and widest ski slopes in the Czech Republic. And thanks to the ski bus shuttle connection with the German ski resort in Fichtelberg, you can enjoy skiing on 47 km of ski runs on just one ski pass. This is the largest interconnected ski resort in the Czech Republic. Both experienced and novice skiers alike will have a field day.

You can purchase ski passes on-line, in the comfort of your own home, and so upon arrival, you can set out directly for the chairlift. You will have more time for fun! If you are looking for a gift for the avid skier, give them a voucher for the ski lift. You will receive the gift immediately by e-mail, and the recipient of the gift can enjoy it any time during the season it was purchased in.

Bored by the ski pistes? At Klínovec Ski Resort, aficionados of freeride skiing can take advantage of two kilometres of non-groomed slopes with natural snow. And freestyle skiers and snowboarders can look forward to the Funpark terrain park offering an entire range of obstacles and jumps. Plus, skiers and snowboarders can enrol in the ski school, suitable for both beginners and advanced skiers alike. If you still do not have enough adrenaline, the instructors will teach you new tricks, jumps, jumping over crates and rail sliding, skiing moguls, or skiing in unusual terrains. You can find more information at

Plešivec Ski Resort

At Plešivec, both beginners and advanced skiers and snowboarders alike will have a field day. The ski resort offers a total of ten ski runs of all difficulties with a total length of over twelve kilometres. On average, the local chairlifts service 14,580 visitors. However, no long queues await you, continuous skiing is ensured by three quad (i.e., four-seat) chairlifts and several tow lifts. The chair lifts are in operation daily from 9 am to 4 pm, and if conditions are ideal, there is also evening skiing.

There is also a ski and snowboarding school with professional instructors at Plešivec Ski Resort. The smallest beginner skiers can expect a children’s ski park, the largest of its kind in the Czech Republic. It offers four magic carpets, which can also be used by those who cannot manage to use a ski tow. The mountain carousel and another forty attractions, such as the artificial tunnel shaped like a mushroom or the several-metre-long snake for training turns, are great enticements to visit. You can find more information at

Bublava Ski Resort

Bublava can boast ten ski runs of all difficulties, upon which a larger number of skiers and snowboarders can easily spread out. The most skilful skiers can look forward to the almost half-kilometre-long black run, Velký Bleiberg. However, several red and blue runs can also be found here. You can access the slopes by a quad chairlift and seven ski tows. The slopes are open daily from 9 am to 8 pm without breaks, and practically the entire resort is illuminated for evening skiing. You can find more information at

The Ore Mountains have a number of other ski resorts, such as PerninkPotůčky, Nové město u Jáchymova, Mariánky, or Nové Hamry , where you can enjoy relaxed skiing without long queues. You can read more in our article Small ski resorts in the Karlovy Vary Region.

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