Enthusiastic cyclists, pay attention! We present to you an overview of the international long-distance cycling routes leading through the Karlovy Vary Region. Hop onto your bicycles and head out, zigzagging through the region and beyond. Some routes even lead to Germany, France, Norway, or Ukraine. The longest one has a length of more than ten thousand kilometres, and even tireless cycling marathoners will have a field day.

The Wallenstein Cycling Route

And we start off with a bang, as the Wallenstein Cycling Route, with its length of 87 kilometres, is nothing for beginner cyclists. The route is divided into two branches, the northern and the southern one. The northern branch has a length of 27 kilometres, beginning at the foot of Mt Heusberg in the village of Kösseine, and leads through Waldershof, Marktredwitz, Seussen, Arzberg, all the way to Cheb. There, it connects to the 43-kilometre-long southern branch that leads through Slapany, Mitterhof, Waldsassen, Mitterteich, all the way back to the city of Marktredwitz, where it reconnects with the northern path. The trail from Cheb to Waldsassen has a smooth surface, so even inline skaters can enjoy it. You will find many interesting stops on both the Czech and the Bavarian side, so set aside enough time and set off!

The Mostní Cycling Trail

The Mostní (Bridge) Cycling Trail is 46 kilometres long and has been connecting the Czech Republic with Bavaria since 2012. It begins in Aš, and leads through the towns of Selb, Thiersheim, Wunsiedel, and Tröstau. The trail gets its name thanks to the number of bridges that have been preserved on this route. The surface of this trail is primarily asphalt and thus suitable for both beginner and experienced riders.

The Halštrovská Cycling Trail

This cycling path also begins in Aš. Whereas the Mostní Cycling Trail leads you to Bavaria, the Halštrovská Cycling Trail leads you in a slightly different direction, towards Saxony. This 21-kilometre-long trail connects Doubrava and Olešnice, and leads through Bad Elster, Adorf, Rebersreuth, and Hundsgrün. In the future, it is to be prolonged all the way to the Saale River in Halle and should have a length of over 250 kilometres.

The Karlova Cycling Trail

And now something for lovers of mountainous trails. The 60-kilometre Karlova Cycling Trail connects the Saxon town of Aue with Karlovy Vary and stretches along the crest of the Ore Mountains. Aside from asphalt roads, you will travel along mountain trails, and so this route is rather suitable for mountain and trekking bikes. The trail can offer all levels of difficulty, and so everyone will genuinely enjoy it. Aside from the main route, it leads to four side circuits – three in Saxony and one in the Czech Republic. The Czech circuit has a length of 35 kilometres, and leads from Nové Hamry through Potůčky, Hřebečná, and Abertamy back to Nové Hamry.

Euregio Egrensis

Euregio Egrensis, a route with a length of exactly 602 kilometres, all side routes included, connects Bavaria, Thuringia, Saxony, and the Czech Republic. There is no doubt that this route is more than interesting, and it leads through all the most beautiful regions, for instance, the Fichtel Mountains, the Thuringian Highland, the Ore Mountains, or Slavkovský Forest. 171 kilometres of this route go through the Karlovy Vary Region, namely through Mariánské Lázně, Teplá, Bečov, Horní Slavkov, Loket, Ostrov, and the Ore Mountain Range. The route is moderately difficult, with some places having a great height difference. However, there are more serene, easy sections, so both beginners and professional riders will have a wonderful time.

The EuroVelo Cycling Route Leading through Central Europe

If you want to set out on a cycling pilgrimage, EuroVelo Route No. 4 is precisely what you are looking for. It has a total length of 4,000 kilometres, of which 800 kilometres lead through the Czech Republic and 128 kilometres lead through the Karlovy Vary Region. This cycling route connects France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Ukraine. In the Karlovy Vary Region, the route begins at Pomezí, and continues through Cheb, Kynšperk nad Ohří, Sokolov, Loket, Karlovy Vary, Žlutice, and ends at Žihle. The prevailing route surface is asphalt, and you will find sections of all difficulties on the route, so everyone will find something to their liking.

The EuroVelo Iron Curtain Trail

EuroVelo Route No. 13 ranks among the longest, as it has a length of about ten thousand kilometres. It connects twenty countries from behind the Iron Curtain, for instance Norway, Finland, Russia, Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Romania, or Greece. In the Czech Republic, you will find only a small section measuring some 800 kilometres, 88 of which are found in the Karlovy Vary Region. The route begins in Trojmezí and leads through Aš, Seeberg, Františkovy Lázně, Cheb, and Slatina. The route will satisfy both beginner and advanced cyclists, and you will find easier as well as more difficult sections, leading primarily over asphalt surfaces.